Dear People of City Point,

It is amazing to see what God has done through the people of City Point over the last ten years. Our church has grown from a launch team that met in a hotel to the life-giving church it is today. From the movie theater we started in, to three different auditoriums that we outgrew, God has been good to us. But here we are again, three services and continuing to grow, the largest we have ever been. It is time to look ahead and see what God has in store for us. We don't know if we will find a long-term lease or purchase an existing church facility. We could even build from the ground up; we don't know.

The one thing we do know is we must be ready to walk through that door when it opens, regardless of what it is. This initiative is not about us because we have a seat, we are saved, and have a church family. This is about the ones we haven't met, who haven't met Jesus, and don't have a church home. They don't have a voice, so we must be their voice. They don't know they need it (yet), but we do. Let's take a step of faith together and BELIEVE God for our next home. 
Life to the Fullest,


The Believe initiative is not about a building, but about making room for more people! Hear testimonies from several families that call City Point their home and learn why they are supporting our next step as a church body:

“This is an opportunity fund  so we can be ready for  what is next.”

> $1,000,000.00

> Buy or Long Term Lease

> 25,000 + Square Footage

> Larger Auditorium

> Room for Lives Changed

> Current facility upgrades to accommodate growth

"More room for the
Next Generationto grow.”

>> Pray about your participation in BELIEVE

> > Participate in COMMITMENT MONTH on Oct. 29 - Nov. 19

>> How long is the commitment period?  The Believe campaign is a 3-year endeavor to raise money for our next church home.

> > Can I still make a commitment past November 19th, 2023?  Yes! You can participate in the Believe campaign at any time! Simply click the link above to make a commitment. 

> > Can I make a one-time contribution? Yes! If you would like to make a one-time gift towards the campaign, simply click the "Give Now" button above and select the designated fund from the dropdown menu.

> > Can I give a gift of real property? Yes. Gifts of real property (i.e. land, stock, vehicles, or jewelry) may be given by contacting the church financial office at

> > Is my gift tax deductible?  Yes. Giving statements for the prior year are typically available by January 31st and are emailed to the address associated on your Church Planning Center account. Gifts of real property will receive a donation acknowledgment letter at the time of donation or within 30 days thereof. 

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If you have any more questions about Believe , just fill out the form below and we'll reach out to you.