September News Letter


Ask ItAsk It
Everyday brings new questions.
Should I stay? Should I go? Buy it? Sell it? Start it? Stop it?  Did you know there’s a question that makes it easy to determine the answer to all the other questions?
It’s true.

All you have to do is ask it!


FAll Community GroupsCommunity Groups

We kick off a new 11-week semester of Community Groups on September 13th that will end on November 15th. This semester we will focus on one very simple goal – “Make A New Friend”. Our goal this semester is that by the end of the 11 weeks we will all have a new friend or friends in our life. Our small groups are Free Market groups which means they can be just about anything. In the past we have had many types of groups including family, ladies bible study, single mom’s, praying moms, men’s and marriage groups. Find a group today and make a friend!



3 Services3 Services

We have been blessed as a church since the day it was born on January 13, 2013 and have seen growth on a regular and consistent basis. Last year in the fall we grew by a little over 35%. That is incredible growth! We give God all the glory for adding to his church. As we are in the process of preparing for the fall growth season we feel it is necessary to add a third service to accommodate more people & to help ease the hallways, lobby & parking congestion. Our new service times will be 9:00, 10:15 & 11:45. We have created a little bit more time between the 2nd & 3rd services to help with parking congestion. This is a step of faith and we are excited to take it! How can you help? You can help by praying over the new service times and by serving if you are not currently involved. The launch day for three services is September 13th. See you there!


Clothez 4 KidzClothes 4 Kids

We have an opportunity coming up on Saturday, October 3rd to help change a child’s school year. We have partnered with several other area churches to sponsor back to school clothes for children in need. We hope to sponsor 35 children for $100.00 each to buy new back to school clothes. We will meet on Saturday, October 3rd at Kohl’s in Allen and take each individual child shopping to help outfit them for school. You can help in two ways. 1) Financially sponsor a child for $100.00 2) Be a shopper on that morning and help a child pick out all his/her new back to school clothes. We will be sharing more details in our services.


Connection Point at City Point Allen

Connection Point – NEW TIME!

Connection Point is a 3-week course where we share the vision and purpose of our church. You will learn more about City Point and our vision as well as a focus on how to grow in your relationship with God. We also look at discovering our purpose & gifting’s and we show you practical steps to utilize your gifts to build the kingdom of God and find true purpose. Connection Point will take place DURING the 11:00 am service on September 6th. It will take place DURING the 10:15 service starting on September 13th. Connection Point begins the first Sunday of every month with Class 101. If you have questions please email us at


NEW Parking Lot Flow

Please be aware we have signs that will adjust the flow of traffic in the parking lot. We now have a designated entrance and exit. Thank you for your cooperation in helping traffic flow smoothly.

Uprise Youth


 Real talk

Sermon Series: Real Talk

 Talking to some people is easy. You can hang out with your friends for hours and never run out of anything to say. But some people just make you nervous when you have to talk to them. No matter who it may be, you choose your words carefully when you talk to them because you don’t want to mess things up. And if we’re honest, prayer can feel a lot like that. We try to say the right thing but we aren’t sure if we’re doing it right. During this series, we’re going to take a look at what Jesus said prayer is and isn’t. And as we do, you may find yourself wanting to lay down the formalities, relax, and have some real talk.



get social

Let’s Get Social #mycitypoint

How can you let others know about CityPoint? Start spreading the word about City Point through your social media! Did you like a quote from the message? Post it. Did you like a song by the band? Post it. Do you love the donuts? Post it. Did your kiddos have a great time at Kids Church? Post it. Did you like a church Facebook post? Share it. It’s time to get social CityPoint and let others know how much we love our church! When posting use #mycitypoint and #citypointchurch. And if you aren’t already – go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all that’s happening.



City Kids


These are exciting times for City Kids! Starting on September 6th, “The Gospel Project”, begins.  It is a curriculum designed to give the big picture of God’s story.  “Some people see the Bible as a collection of stories with morals for life application. But it is so much more than that. Sure, the Bible has some stories in it, but it is also full of poetry, history, codes of law and civilization, songs, prophecy, letters—even a love letter. When you tie it all together, something remarkable happens. A story is revealed. One story. The story of redemption through Jesus.” ( The Gospel Project will take us on a 3-year, chronological journey through the Bible. Kids will need to bring their bibles each week and if they don’t have one, we will help them to get one. If you and interested in being a part of what God is doing in our kids, let Joel, Cheryl or Nelson know.





Faith seems like quite a broad subject in the Bible, yet we need it everyday. It’s knowing God will come through for us even if we don’t yet see the answer. It’s about trusting Him even if we don’t understand. This month, our preschoolers will be learning about a few heroes of faith; Abraham, Sarah, Joseph and 4 special friends who knew if they could get their buddy to Jesus, he would be healed. We can’t wait to see your kiddos and teach them about some pretty faithful dudes!

Preschool Kids

Curious about serving in nursery or preschool? Maybe you’ve jumped on board, but haven’t attended an official training meeting yet. Please, join us Saturday, September 26th from 10am – 12pm in the multi-purpose room for a Preschool Worker Training Meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to hear the heart behind our nursery/preschool ministry, meet other volunteers and enjoy brunch on us! RSVP to Alicia Ingram, Hope to see you there!


Join the team in Allen Texas

Make a Difference

You can make a difference today by joining the Point Team! Email us at

Have a prayer request? We would love to agree in prayer with you. Please let us know at We also meet every Sunday morning at 8:30 in the multipurpose classroom to pray for our church, our families, and each other.

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