Prayer, my second choice

On Sunday, I will be teaching on prayer for our 3rd week of the Elijah series. Elijah is a powerful example, which used prayer as a true spiritual force. Truth be told, we have a lot in common with Elijah.

The bible describes us basically as spiritual royalty. We have access to use the family name for authority, empowered by His spirit, and we have access to His promises to stand on. However, rather than acting like spiritual royalty we’ve lived much of life like a sleep deprived fireman answering one emergency call after another. We find ourselves bouncing from event to event trying to catch up with life. In all honesty, we would prefer that life be easy, all problems easily solved, no sickness, no lack and no need of wisdom. If life were like that, many of us would never pray. I think I’m not alone in thinking that, “I wish I didn’t have a reason to pray”. That’s why I say prayer is a second choice because many would prefer a problem free life to a prayerful one.

March Series Elijah

We live in a broken world and therefore, prayer is truly like the oxygen in our spiritual lungs. To live – we must be people that know how to pray. We pray about what’s going on now. However, I believe the most powerful prayer is for the days that lay ahead. The days where the chapter is unwritten and blueprints are yet to be drawn. We pray with the perspective of standing on the mountain of God’s promises looking into a future that He will lead us every step of the way. I invite you to join us on Sunday as we look at the life-changing force of POWERFUL PRAYER.

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