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As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together? Someone always has the best job, cutest kid, or happiest relationship? We are pressured to measure up to other people’s social media status updates and left with more #struggles.

This series studies what it’s like to live a Christ-focused life in a selfie-centered world. Topics include: finding compassion, authenticity, relationships, contentment and rest among all the pressures and distractions of social media


Family Photos

Want to get a head-start on those Christmas card photos?  Well, City Kids is hosting a fundraiser to help send our kids to Summer Camp and if you need some fresh up-to-date photos of you or your family then we’ve got you covered! Sign up now for your time slot to have your photo taken by a professional photographer! You will receive 3 – 5 edited images that you will be able to have printed anywhere you choose and can make as many copies as you like. Space is limited! Register by clicking the link below.  Payment is due by November 1st. Text the word “Photo” to 972-330-2495 to pay for your photos.

Saturday, November 7th
Prairie Creek Waterfall
2606 W. Prairie Creek Dr.
Times begin at 9:00am
Cost: $60 (for up to 6 people)
*If you have more than 6 people it’s an additional $10 per person


Uprise Youth

We all have fears, some of us are afraid of spiders, while others are afraid of heights. These are legitimate fears that can help us steer clear from danger. But what about fear of failing? Or fears of our past? Find out how all of our fears fade away in our October Series –  SPOOKED.
Whirlyball-Logo-High-Qualit_full 256x192@1x
Whirly Ball Plano
Wednesday, October 28th
We will be dressing up and heading out to Whirly Ball in Plano. Cost is $5/person. Contact Andrew & Liz Brenden for more details: lbrenden@citypointchurch.com ; abrenden@citypointchurch.com

City Kids

The Gospel Project continues for City Kids. Since the beginning of September, City Kids has been exploring the creation story and why God made the world, as well as, the fall of man and the consequences of sin. An amazing thing is emerging along side these stories, which is the redemptive plan of salvation through Jesus. When Adam and Eve sinned, God came looking for them. A promise was issued that one day a descendant of Eve’s would crush the serpent. Adam and Eve learned quickly that Cain and Abel were not the ones through which redemption would come. Who will it be and when? The story of Noah is next in our series. Please encourage you kids to bring their Bibles every week as we dive into God’s word. If you are interested in being a part of what God is doing in our kids, let Joel, Cheryl or Nelson know.

City Kids

Preschool Corner

“Picture this. You’ve been watching for weeks as this ginormous statue of the king is being built. You don’t know for sure what’s going on, but you know it may not be good. All along, you and your two friends ask for God’s help in faithfully serving this king. The day comes where you are invited along with many other officials to the grand revealing of the statue. While you are there, you are told to bow down and worship this statue. What? This is crazy! Everyone is now bowing, but you three.”

“Talk about standing out in a crowd!”

“After a whole big whoop-de-do, you find out that you and your friends are gonna be tossed into a super-hot fiery furnace. Not a great ending to your day. If God doesn’t show up…..you’ll be toast, literally!”

This month, the preschoolers of City Point will be learning about bravery whether in the face of a giant, a fiery furnace or a pack of hungry lions. Never fear, God shows up every time!

Nursery News
The love of God can be communicated to even the tiniest babies. That’s why every child at every age will participate in an engaging, interactive Bible lesson. In October, our nursery babies, toddlers and two’s will be learning about all the wonderful animals God created. Songs, Bible story-time, and playful activities will emphasize God is the Creator of all living creatures.

Connection Point – NEW TIME!

Connection Point at City Point Allen

Connection Point is a 3-week course where we share the vision and purpose of our church. You will learn more about City Point and our vision as well as a focus on how to grow in your relationship with God. We also look at discovering our purpose & gifting’s and we show you practical steps to utilize your gifts to build the kingdom of God and find true purpose. It takes place DURING the 10:15 service. Connection Point begins the first Sunday of every month with Class 101. If you have questions please email us at info@citypointchurch.com.

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