More than a holiday…

It is easy for those of us that go to church on Easter to think of it as a holiday. For most of us, it is a day for new spring clothes, Easter eggs, and lunch with loved ones. We know that the very origin of Easter is that Jesus was beaten and nailed to a cross, like a common criminal, in the Roman justice system. But we also know that the most severe form of human punishment was not able to destroy the life of God. Jesus, in a holy rebellion, overcame death, hell and the grave. In fact, He humiliated the enemy by using His best plan to defeat him. He went on the enemy’s turf, on his terms, and soundly and eternally defeated enemy. I know we have traditions of how we celebrate what Jesus did. However, I think that heaven has a different kind of celebration. I think heaven celebrates not only what Jesus did but also every person that is born again. Make this Easter count by enjoying all the things we traditionally do for Easter but, most importantly, honor the sacrifice by bringing someone to church. I truly believe it is how we can honor and celebrate the gift that Christ gave on Easter!

Because He Lives

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