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Too Good To Be True

Has there ever been a point in your life where you wished you could just start over? Is there something about your past that you just can’t seem to get past?
Do you know you are doing something destructive in your life, but just don’t know how to stop? Is there someone in your life that you can’t seem to forgive? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then our upcoming series entitled, “Too Good To Be True” is definitely for you. In this series we will dive into the concept of grace, and about how it frees us from the prison of our past, enables us to have the strength to face any challenge we have in this life, allows us to forgive people who have deeply wounded us and how it wipes our slate clean with God and allows us a fresh start.
I know all of that sounds too good to be true.
But it’s not!
It’s grace!
It’s amazing!
It’s available!

Connection Point at City Point Allen

Connection Point

Connection Point is a 2-week course where we share the vision and purpose of our church. You will learn more about City Point and our vision as well as a focus on how to grow in your relationship with God. We also look at discovering our purpose & gifting’s and we show you practical steps to utilize your gifts to build the kingdom of God and find true purpose. Connection Point will take place after the 11:00 am service on July 5th & 12th. Child Care and Lunch are provided.



I wonder what God did on the day He rested after creating the world. Go fishing? Read a good book on the beach? Took in a film? Not sure how He chilled, but I sure am glad His creative juices were flowing the 6 days previous.

This month, your nursery and preschoolers will be learning how God created our beautiful world, He gives us great friends and some times short men climb trees. The fun is just beginning!


City Kids

Fear can have many lasting negative effects. This is especially true for kids. Whether it’s being afraid of the dark, being alone, fear of rejection, or any other type of fear, God has an answer. Psalms 34:4 says, “I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears.” (NLT) City Kids is starting a new series aimed at addressing this very real problem of fear called “Fear Busters.” During this series we will be learning how to bust our fears by praying, trusting God, remembering the truth in God’s word and taking action. If you have an interest in doing skits, set design, or teaching small groups contact Nelson, or Joel & Cheryl, at info@citypointchurch.com.”

Uprise Summer


#UpriseSummer2K15 is off to a great start and we have more fun ahead of us! Join us as we enjoy every last second of the summer as we make some great memories!


We can’t wait to take our students to summer camp at Youth America in Oklahoma City, OK. The dates are July 13th-17th and the cost is now $255 if you haven’t registered. We have a few spots left and we would love to have you come with us!
Join us after camp on Wednesday, July 22nd, for a night of worship with our amazing City Point Band as we talk about what God did in our lives during camp.


Vacation Bible School

Join us as we blast back in time and discover God’s love from classic stories of the Bible. We are looking for brave time travelers to join us for a few days of FUN! Registration is free and is now open.

Bible Blast to the Past
July 7th – 10th
9:30am – 12:30pm
Completed Kinder through entering 6th grade


Have a prayer request? We would love to agree in prayer with you. Please let us know at prayer@citypointchurch.com. We also meet every Sunday morning at 8:30 in the multipurpose classroom to pray for our church, our families, and each other.

Make a Difference

You can make a difference today by joining the Point Team! Email us at info@citypointchurch.com

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