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Future Family

Family. We all have one. And, we often want our Future Family to be a step up from our families of origin. When it comes to family, what does your preferred future look like?

Whether you’re starting a family, raising a family, or wondering if family is worth the effort, this series provides direction and hope.

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Pick up a list of items needed in the lobby to help feed the hungry of Collin County. You can spend as little as $26.00 to help make Thanksgiving special for someone.
Collection Dates:
November 1st
November 8th
November 15th

Connection Point

Connection Point is a 3-week course where we share the vision and purpose of our church. You will learn more about City Point and our vision as well as a focus on how to grow in your relationship with God. We also look at discovering our purpose & gifting’s and we show you practical steps to utilize your gifts to build the kingdom of God and find true purpose. It takes place DURING the 10:15 service. Connection Point begins the first Sunday of every month with Class 101. If you have questions please email us at info@citypointchurch.com.

Preschool Corner

Everyone is thankful for the basics: food, shelter, clothing and family. As believers, we are incredibly thankful for Jesus and the price He paid.

How about few things we may not typically think of in our bubblings of thanksgiving: eyebrows (the summer wouldn’t be the same without them), the word FRESH (it’s just fun to say, especially out of a child with a lisp) and my particular favorite…indoor plumbing (no need to expound on that one).

This November, the theme of thankfulness continues as our preschoolers will learn about the 10 lepers, Paul and Silas, Mary and Martha, and Naaman’s little dip in the river. We’ll round out the month with the story of the first Thanksgiving, a fun craft and energetic games to celebrate the holiday.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about our littlest turkeys. Our nursery will be learning all month long about how God made them unique and special.

Take a moment to say a little “thanks” to those who mean something in your life- maybe even our creative, encouraging and faithful Nursery, Preschool and Kid’s volunteers!

Uprise Youth

The holiday rush is right around the corner, but we want to slow things down a bit and learn to appreciate our lives & everything in it. This month we will focus not on all the things we don’t have, but everything that God has blessed us with and maybe take a moment and write some Thank You Notes to God.

City Kids

City Kid’s journey through the Gospel Project continues. After the Story of Noah and the Tower of Babel, we saw God emerging as more than the creator. He is a “Covenant Maker.” We saw the call of Abraham and how God tested him. Then we learned how the covenant was reaffirmed to Isaac and Jacob. Our next unit will show God as a “Covenant Keeper.” Please encourage your kids to bring their Bibles each week as we dive into God’s Word. If you have an interest in working with our Children’s Ministry, let Joel, Cheryl, or Nelson know.


Have a prayer request? We would love to agree in prayer with you. Please let us know at prayer@citypointchurch.com. We also meet every Sunday morning at 8:30 in the multipurpose classroom to pray for our church, our families, and each other.

Make a Difference

You can make a difference today by joining the Point Team! Email us at info@citypointchurch.com

Family Photos

Want to get a head-start on those Christmas card photos?  Well, City Kids is hosting a fundraiser to help send our kids to Summer Camp and if you need some fresh up-to-date photos of you or your family then we’ve got you covered! Sign up now for your time slot to have your photo taken by a professional photographer! You will receive 3 – 5 edited images that you will be able to have printed anywhere you choose and can make as many copies as you like. Space is limited! Register by clicking the link below.  Payment is due by November 6th. Text the word “Photo” to 972-330-2495 to pay for your photos.

Saturday, November 7th
Prairie Creek Waterfall
2606 W. Prairie Creek Dr.
Times begin at 9:00am
Cost: $60 (for up to 6 people)
*If you have more than 6 people it’s an additional $10 per person

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